Patch 10.1b Top Comps - Meta Snapshot
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Meta snapshot for Patch 10.1b. The B patch only introduced 3 changes and didn't drastically change the meta. GLHF climbing!
This ad tried to force Sivir and Friends with 4 other players in the lobby and couldn't find a Sivir 2
  • Runaan's Hurricane's extra bolt no longer procs Sivir's ricochet, making the item a lot weaker on her. This nerf reduces the "Sivir and Friends" comp's DPS and item flexibility. Despite the nerf, the comp is still S-tier
  • Berserkers were untouched by the B patch and remain S-tier
  • The nerfs to Lucian and Yorick are enough to drop the 6 Lights + Soulbound comp (Husband and Wife) comp to A-tier. widepeepoSad. The comp suffers from being inflexible with its units and if you don't find 6 Lights or Yorick 2 or Lucian 2, you're in for a rough ride
  • With the nerfs to the "Husband and Wife" and "Sivir and Friends" comps, caster comps (i.e. Ocean Wardens, Shadows, and 6 Infernos) are more viable

[S-TIER] Sivir and Friends
  • If possible, don't roll and play whatever you can to stay healthy until you're level 7. Roll down for Sivir and Azir at level 7.
  • Sivir is a stronger carry than Azir. Azir falls off in the late game while Sivir scales well with the right items.
  • This comp is not item flexible; it's very reliant on swords and bows since they are components to create Sivir's items.
  • The comp's biggest weakness is its weak mid game frontline that comps like Berserkers can easily run over.
Summoners variant
Mystics variant
This ad tried to force Sivir and Friends with 4 other players in the lobby and couldn't find a Sivir 2
[S-TIER] Poison Berserkers
  • The strongest start for Berserkers is with Electrics (Volibear and Orn). Consider going Berserkers if you find early Volibears
  • Add in Desert at level 9. Desert significantly increases the DPS of your Berserkers
  • Finding at least 1 Olaf is important for 6 Berserkers in the mid game, and a 2-star Olaf is important for the late game
  • Having a Berserker Axe (gives the Berserker trait to a unit) makes the comp a lot stronger in the late game (e.g. opens up fitting both Poison and Desert at 8 or Poison and Mystics at 9)
  • I wrote a guide for this comp
[S-TIER] 6 Infernos
  • The comp is much stronger with an Inferno Cinder.
  • Yorick is not necessary but definitely welcome if you get lucky and find a 2-star Yorick. The 3 Summoners buff is a nice-to-have; you can get away with 6 Infernos and 2 Wardens.
  • Don't rush to bring up 6 Infernos. Be mindful of keeping a strong front line. 3 Infernos is good enough in the mid game. The best time to bring up 6 Infernos is when you find an Amumu.
Shadows variant
Summoners variant
This ad couldn't find a Yorick 2 and was ad blocked
[S/A-TIER] Ocean Wardens
  • Although this comp is very flexible in terms of the synergies and units that you can run, your typical gameplan is to build around a 4 Ocean / 3 Mage or 4 Ocean / 3 Inferno core in the mid game, and bring up high cost Wardens and Mystics in the late game. 3 Mages can be dropped in the late game. 4 Oceans is not necessary but you need at least 2 Oceans
  • Use Zyra or Kindred as an early and mid game carry. Leverage Mountain buff in the mid game to stay healthy. In the late game, add in high cost Wardens and 2 Mystics. You have many choices for who your late game carry is. Some examples include: Brand, Nami, Singed, and maybe even Kindred or Zyra
  • This comp's late game is characterized by massive crowd control effects from Malphite, Amumu, and Nami
  • This comp can transition into a Singed Poison comp or a 6 Infernos comp. Choose a transition depending on the units that you find and the other comps being played in the lobby
[S/A-TIER] Rangers
  • Build at most 2 Statikk Shivs early to stay healthy. Build at least one BF sword item (e.g. Giant Slayer, Infinity Edge, Deathblade) for late game damage.
  • If you run the 2 Rangers variant, you need Karma and Lunar buff to make up for the lower DPS. You're arguably running higher quality units in the 2 Rangers variant though.
  • Twitch or Ashe can be used interchangeably as the DPS, depending on find or upgrade first. I prefer Twitch because of his AOE (area of effect) damage.
  • The strength of a Ranger comp's frontline is what makes or breaks the comp. It's usually better to have a strong frontline and weak backline than the other way around.
4 Rangers variant
2 Rangers variant
This ad couldn't find a Yorick 2 and was ad blocked
[A-TIER] Husband and Wife
  • Stack defensive items (especially GA) on Senna so that she can keep Lucian alive as long as possible
  • Stack offensive items on Lucian so that he can deal as much damage as possible
  • Keep Senna distant from the rest of the team so that Assassins don't jump on her, kill her, kill a nearby unit, and then go back to killing her. Jax is fine to place next to her since Jax jumps away as a Berserker
  • Grab every Nasus you can in the early game
  • Vayne can hold items for Lucian in the early game
  • The comp powerspikes hard when you get 6 Lights, Yorick, and Soulbound
[A-TIER] Shadow Infernos
  • The Shadow and Inferno buff combo is easy to activate and strong, especially in the mid game.
  • Get Inferno buff early and add in Shadow buff in the mid game. Hoard all Kindreds and Sions that you find.
  • Sion is a strong frontline unit. Stacking defensive items on him early returns a lot of value.
  • Frozen Hearts on Qiyana help to counter Sivir and Friends, Lights, and Berzerker comps.
  • Kindred can be stacked with either attack damage or magic damage items.
Wardens + Mystics variant
Summoners variant
[A-TIER] Electric Summoner Sins
  • Use Voli and Orn for a strong early game with Electric
  • If possible, don't roll and play whatever you can to stay healthy until you're at least level 7. If you're lucky, get to level 8 before rolling. You're more likely to find Zed 2 this way
  • Qiyana and Azir are strong mid game carries
  • The comp's late game win condition is a Zed 2 with items
  • A-tier because betting on finding Zed 2 to win the game is not a reliable strategy
[B-TIER] Crystal Poison Predators
  • You want to 3-star Kog'Maw and Skarner. The comp is much easier to run if you find early Kog'Maws and Skarners
  • Crystal Lux can be played in place of Ashe to get 4 Crystals
  • B-tier because you need to 3-star Kog'Maw and give him the right items for the comp to do well. These are strict requirements and thus not a reliable strategy