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Patch 9.24 Top Comps - Early Meta Snapshot v2.0
Updated 3 months ago | Posted 4 months ago
TFTeacher's second meta snapshot for patch 9.24. The meta is slowly rounding out after the community has been able to play ranked on it for a few days. However, it's still early on and expect more changes in the coming weeks. 9.24 is a long patch that will last for 4 weeks because of the holiday season.
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  • With Phantom Dancer nerfed, Assassins are much stronger. Many high elo players are running Blender and Summoner Sin comps. The general consensus is that Blender is the strongest comp in the game right now.
  • Berzerkers is core to a top tier comp. It's strong partly because of the popularity of the Blender comp (which a glacial Olaf counters) and partly because the 6 Berzerker bonus was buffed.
  • Shadow comps are top tier as well. Agon (currently rank 4 NA) has been playing almost exclusively Shadow to climb.
  • Mages have fallen off hard with the double nerfs to Brand (who was already considered bad before the nerf, rip) and the 4 Ocean bonus. You'll rarely find players going Ocean Mages in high elo lobbies.
  • Rangers are a lot better with their buff but they're still not quite there yet. Ranger comps are slightly weaker than this patch's top tier comps. They can still hold their own, so don't hesitate to run them if you get the units.
  • Soulbound is a strong synergy when you have the right items but its not OP. Soulbound comps can stand up to the other top tier comps but it gets outscaled and you typically won't top 1 a lobby with Soulbound.
  • The Egg Roll comp from last patch is basically dead with the nerfs to Renekton, Ivern, and Maokai. You can still hyperroll for Woodlands and Druids. Ignore Renekton and add in Assassins and Mystics later on. This comp is a lot weaker than last patch's Egg Roll comp though.
[S-TIER] Blender
The Blender comp is a lot stronger this patch since Phantom Dancer was nerfed. In this comp you really need to get a Blademaster item on Nocturne. Don't try to transition to the comp too early as its units are generally weak in the early game. The comp only powerspikes when you have Sivir 2 and Nocturne 2 with the right items. Keep stronger early game units (e.g. Woodlands) to stay healthy during the early and mid game before transitioning. Try to get Nocturne 3 or Sivir 3 if possible. This is one of the strongest comps in the game.
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[S-TIER] Berzerker Electric (or Poison)
With the buff to Berzerkers and Electric, this comp is a lot stronger. It also counters the Blender comp since Olaf's glacial procs can shut down Nocturne. The Electric trait was buffed in Patch 9.24 and is much stronger in the early game, dealing 100 damage each proc instead of 70. Use Electric early to stay healthy or winstreak. Zed 2 with good items is your win condition.
You can also go for the Berzerker Poison variant of the comp by dropping Orn and Zed for Twitch and Singed. Poison is better in a lobby with many Summoner or Mage comps.
[S-TIER] Summoner Sins
A really strong comp from last patch that's popular among high elo players. The new patch changed very few of the comp's units, making it still viable. Start with Thresh and Nautilus as frontline with good synergies (Ocean and Warden). When you get a Nami, sell Thresh for Nami. Nami is OP. Kha'Zix is a lot stronger now that Phantom Dancer is nerfed. Qiyana was untouched this patch and is one of the strongest 3-cost units in the game.
This ad tried to force Sivir and Friends with 4 other players in the lobby and couldn't find a Sivir 2
[S-TIER] Agon's Shadow Comp
A comp that relies on Shadow units to deal huge burst damage through the Shadow synergy bonus while Summoners create a front line. The comp's main carry is Kindred. In the early game, you can field a Nautilus and Thresh as tanks and Varus and Kindred for back line damage. In the mid-game, slowly add in Summoners or the Mountain buff (Malphite and Qiyana/Taliyah). In the late game, drop Mountain and add in Mystics with Master Yi and Nami (swap out Thresh for Nami). Try to 3 star your Shadow units (Malzahar, Kindred, and Sion). This is an aggressive comp.
[A-TIER] Soulbound Summoner Shadow
Powerful comp that utilizes the new Soulbound mechanic. Stack defensive items (especially GA) on Senna so that she can keep Lucian alive as long as possible. Stack offensive items on Lucian so that he can deal as much damage as possible. A good defensive item on Lucian is Trap Claw, which prevents him from getting stunned out of his ult. The comp uses Annie and Yorick, which are both OP summoners. TY MASHY FOR SUGGESTING.
This ad tried to force Sivir and Friends with 4 other players in the lobby and couldn't find a Sivir 2
[A-TIER] Shadow Crystal Rangers
Rangers were buffed this patch (2 Rangers 2x attack speed bonus chance increased from 30% to 35% and 4 Rangers 2x attack speed bonus chance increased from 65% to 80%). Senna synergizes well with the Rangers by buffing their auto-attacks. A Morello's on Senna makes her buff even stronger. Taric was also buffed this patch, having lower total mana so he casts earlier. Try not to play this comp on a Cloud map. Build a Sword Breaker if there're players running Blender in your lobby. Guinsoo's Rageblade works very well on Ashe since the Ranger buff causes the item to stack a lot faster. Saintvicious, a popular high elo TFT streamer, believes that lifesteal on Ashe is super important.
[A-TIER] Predator Poison Berzerker
The classic Predator Poison Berzerker comp. It's still viable as the new patch changed very few of the comp's units. Your win conditions are a level 2 Olaf with good items and a Singed 2 with Morello's. At level 9, you can tech in Mystics or Wardens or Crystals depending on the match up. I wrote a guide for this comp.
[A-TIER] Predator Poison Crystal
Another variant of the Predators comp. The strength in this comp comes from the extra tankiness from the Crystal synergy (Skarner and Ashe). A Skarner with Ionic Spark / Thornmail / Warmog's can survive for a long time and kill many units with the Predator trait. It's especially strong if you 3-star Skarner. Ashe and Twitch are not highly contested units so this comp might be easier to get online than the Berzerkers variant. I wrote a guide for this comp.
[A-TIER] Predator Poison Sins
Another variant of the Predators comp. A 2-star Qiyana is very strong in the mid-game. Kha'Zix is much stronger this patch as the nerf to Phantom Dancer allows him to still do damage when ulting a unit with PD (before, his ult would do 0 damage). I wrote a guide for this comp.