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Patch 9.24b Top Comps - Early Meta Snapshot
Updated 3 months ago | Posted 3 months ago
TFTeacher's first meta snapshot for Patch 9.24b. The meta is again shaken up with a small balance patch 1 week in Patch 9.24. Although a B patch, the patch introduced enough meaningful changes that the meta has noticeably shifted. Again, this is an early meta snapshot for Patch 9.24b and the meta can change quickly.
This ad tried to force Sivir and Friends with 4 other players in the lobby and couldn't find a Sivir 2
  • Ocean Mages are strong again
  • Rangers are strong, but lose to Ocean Mages
  • 💪 Amumu
  • Shadows are still strong
  • Blender is weaker but still viable if uncontested
  • Berzerkers are weaker but still viable if uncontested
  • Predators are still viable if uncontested
  • Summoner Sins on life support
[S-TIER] Ocean Mages
Ocean Mages is popular again with the double whammy buff to Brand and nerfs to Nocturne and Assassin. Your typical gameplan is to build around a 4 Ocean and 3 Mage core. In the early game, use Zyra to hold Brand items. In the mid-game, leverage Mountain buff to stay healthy. In the late game, you want to bring up either 4 Wardens + 2 Mystics or 2 Wardens + 4 Mystics, depending on the lobby. Feel free to drop Mountain buff at this point. Prioritize finding Amumu.
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[S-TIER] Shadow
Despite a small nerf to the 3 Shadow synergy bonus, Shadow comps are still strong. This comp is very flexible. It's core consists of 3 Shadows and 3 Infernos (Kindred, Varus, Sion, Malzahar / Master Yi, and Amumu / Annie). Outside of this core, you can go for 3 Summoners or Wardens + Mystics. This comp is a good alternative to the Ocean Mages comp, especially if the latter is highly contested. If Shadow units are not contested, consider staying at level 7 to 3-star them since the comp is synergy-complete at level 7 (Ashe / Crystal is not important).
[S/A-TIER] Blender
Blender is less popular in Patch 9.24b with the Nocturne and Assassin nerfs. However, it's still viable, especially if you're the only player going for this comp in the lobby. You really need to get a Blademaster item on Nocturne. Don't try to transition to the comp too early as its units are generally weak in the early game. The comp only powerspikes when you have Sivir 2 and Nocturne 2 with the right items. Keep stronger early game units (e.g. Woodlands) to stay healthy during the early and mid game before transitioning. Try to get Nocturne 3 or Sivir 3 if possible. I wrote a guide for this comp.
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[A-TIER] Berserker Electric (or Poison)
Electric was nerfed in Patch 9.24b, which makes Berserkers weaker since this comp relies on Electric to stay healthy early on. However, Berserkers are still very strong and can win games, especially if they're uncontested. The comp can struggle against Rangers and, to a lesser degree, Mages (build Dragon Claw on Olaf to prevent him from getting bursted down). As before, in the late game you have the option to go for Electric or Poison depending on the comps in your lobby.
[A-TIER] Rangers
Rangers are really strong right now. Patch 9.24 buffed the synergy's bonus and Patch 9.24b buffed both Ashe and Twitch. However, they're not necessarily S-tier since they get countered by Mages (Brand can burst the backline of Rangers down before the Rangers can overwhelm a Mage comp's frontline). Mages are popular again in this patch. The core of the comp is 2 Wardens and 4 Rangers. The rest of the comp can either be more Wardens, Mystics, or Poison depending on the lobby. Start the comp out with the classic Thresh and Nautilus Warden pair. In the late game, these two should be traded for Taric and Amumu. Amumu was buffed in 9.24b and is really strong. The 4 Rangers are Varus, Kindred, Ashe, and Twitch / Ezrael. Ezrael can hold be used in the mid-game to hold Ashe's items. Keep in mind that Rangers are weak to Ocean Mages since Brand's ult can destroy the comp's backline. It's a much easier match up once you have Crystals and Mystics up but this takes time.
This ad was a Blender abuser and was ad blocked
[A-TIER] Soulbound Summoner Shadow
Although Senna was nerfed in patch 9.24b, this comp is still viable. It utilizes the new Soulbound mechanic. Stack defensive items (especially GA) on Senna so that she can keep Lucian alive as long as possible. Stack offensive items on Lucian so that he can deal as much damage as possible. A good defensive item on Lucian is Trap Claw, which prevents him from getting stunned out of his ult. The comp uses Annie and Yorick, which are both OP summoners. TY MASHY FOR SUGGESTING.
[A-TIER] Poison Predators
Predators are still viable in Patch 9.24b. However, they're much less popular than they were in Patch 9.23. This means that the comp is often uncontested, giving you an opportunity to 3-star your Predators (Kog'Maw, Reksai / Skarner, and Warwick). This comp has three typical variants: Crystal, Berzerkers, and Sins. I wrote a guide for this comp.
[A/B-TIER] Summoner Sins
Summoner Sins used to be popular in Patch 9.23 but the comp is a lot weaker now with the nerf to Summoners in Patch 9.24 and Assassins in Patch 9.24b. It's possibly still viable. Kha'Zix and Qiyana are strong mid-game carries and your win condition is a Zed with stacked items.