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Patch 9.24b Top Comps - Meta Snapshot v2.0
Updated 3 months ago | Posted 3 months ago
TFTeacher's second meta snapshot for Patch 9.24b. As expected, the meta is continuously shifting after the large number of changes introduced by Patch 9.24 and 9.24b. The meta will settle down the further we are into a patch. For now, there's enough unexplored territory to keep the meta moving. One of the best aspects of this patch, and set 2 in general, is the relatively large variety of viable comps as compared to set 1.
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  • High cost Wardens have become the win conditions for many comps... not because the Wardens bonus is strong but because high cost Warden units are strong
  • Ocean Mage Wardens is one of the strongest and most contested comps right now
  • Shadow comps are also very strong, but arguably weaker than Ocean Mages. However, Shadow units are also less contested
  • Poison comps with Singed are a strong counter to Ocean Mage Wardens and Shadows
  • Blender seems to be unscathed by the recent nerfs and continues to have high potential to dominate lobbies
  • The Electric variant of Summoner Sins is rising in popularity
  • Berserkers, Rangers, and Predators are solidly A-tier comps that should only be played situationally
  • 💪 Amumu
[S-TIER] Ocean Mage Wardens
  • Ocean Mages is popular again with the double whammy buff to Brand and nerfs to Nocturne and Assassin
  • Your typical gameplan is to build around a 4 Ocean and 3 Mage core
  • In the early game, use Zyra to hold Brand items
  • In the mid-game, leverage Mountain buff to stay healthy
  • In the late game, you want to bring up either 4 Wardens + 2 Mystics or 2 Wardens + 4 Mystics, depending on the lobby. Mystics is better than 4 Wardens
  • Feel free to drop Taliyah (i.e. Mountain buff) in the late game
  • This comp's late game is characterized by massive crowd control effects from Malphite, Amumu, and Nami
  • It's possible to transition this comp to a Singed Poison comp, especially if Brand is super contested and there are many Ocean Mages in the lobby
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[S-TIER] Shadow (Wardens or Summoners)
  • This comp is a strong alternative to Ocean Mage Wardens, especially when the latter is contested
  • Kindred is the key damage dealer. The mid-game power spike happens with 2-star Kindred and 3 Shadows
  • The comp's mid game tank line consists of the classic Nautilus and Thresh combo. If possible, get in Mountain buff
  • As you head into late game, you can choose to stick with Wardens or add Summoners
  • If Shadow units are not contested, consider staying at level 7 to 3-star your Shadow units
[S-TIER] Blender
  • A few days into Patch 9.24b, Blender appears to be unscathed from the recent nerfs to the comp
  • Blade of the Ruined King (Blademaster item) on Nocturne is very important, but not crucial. For example, it can be suboptimally replaced with a Guinsoo's Rageblade
  • The comp is generally weak in the mid game until you hit Sivir 2 and Nocturne 2 with good items
  • The comp's end game win condition is a Nocturne 3 and Sivir 3
  • Because the comp is relatively cheaper than other comps, be more aggressive with rolling in the mid game
  • I wrote a guide for this comp
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[S-TIER] Poison Wardens
  • Counters Ocean Mage Wardens and Shadows
  • Despite the nerfs, Singed 2 with Morellos is still very strong
  • You can transition to this comp from Ocean Mage Wardens or Shadows, depending on whether you hit Singed 2 and whether you have a Morellos
  • This comp power spikes hard when you get Singed 2, but is weak before that
[S/A-TIER] Electric Summoner Sins
  • Although Summoner Sins fell in popularity at the start of 9.24, this variant appears to be rising in popularity
  • Use Voli and Orn for a strong early game with Electric
  • The comp's late game win condition is a Zed for 3 Electric
  • Build Lockets to stay healthy early and mid. Also build items with Zed in mind (e.g. Redemption, Guardian's Angel, Dragon's Claw)
  • You can also tech in Olaf 2 if you get him. Olaf gets Glacial with Voli which is good enough for him to close out fights if he lives long enough
  • Don't tunnel too hard on 3 Electric in the late game. Feel free to drop Orn or Voli for higher quality units if you can't find Zed 2
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[A-TIER] Husband / Wife
  • An offshoot Shadow comp that relies on Lucian and Senna
  • Stack defensive items (especially GA) on Senna so that she can keep Lucian alive as long as possible
  • Stack offensive items on Lucian so that he can deal as much damage as possible
  • A Ranger (e.g. Varus or Vayne) can hold items for Lucian. Prioritize Lucian items over Kindred to ensure a strong late game
  • Shadow buff and Kindred is your mid game source of damage
  • 2 Wardens and Mountain buff make a strong mid game tank line
[A-TIER] Berserker (Electric or Poison)
  • Electric was nerfed in Patch 9.24b, which makes Berserkers weaker since this comp relies on Electric to stay healthy early on. However, Berserkers are still very strong and can win games, especially if they're uncontested
  • This comp struggles against Ocean Mage Wardens and Shadows (if Kindred bursts down Olaf). Olaf needs Dragon's Claw in these match ups
  • Berserkers can still get top 2 in lobbies. It depends on whether you have a strong early game, what's being played in the lobby, and your itemization. The good thing is, they're rarely contested so its easy to power spike with Berserkers
  • As before, in the late game, you have the option to go for Electric or Poison depending on what's being played in your lobby
[A-TIER] Rangers
  • There was hope that Rangers are strong at the start of Patch 9.24. Unfortunately, they're still weak
  • Rangers lose heavily to Blender, Warden, and Mage comps. Blender's assassins cut down a Ranger back line quickly. Warden comps crowd control a Ranger back line forever. Brand can burst down a Ranger back line with one double cast
  • That said, Rangers can still do well. As with Berserkers, it really depends on whether you have a strong early game, what's being played in the lobby, and your itemization
  • In the mid game, use two Wardens (e.g. Nautilus and Thresh or Malphite and Braum) as the front line and 4 Rangers in the backline. Your 7th unit can be an Inferno or Taliyah for Mountain buff if you have Malphite
  • Ashe is your late game carry. Add in Taric and Amumu for Crystals and Inferno to close out the comp
[A-TIER] Poison Predators
  • Predators are weaker overall as a comp, but also less contested
  • To win with Predators, you really want to 3-star your Predator units (Kog'Maw, Reksai / Skarner, and Warwick)
  • Only play Predators if you get many Predator units early on (e.g. 6 Kog'Maws in stage 2)
  • Here's an old but still usable guide for this comp
  • This comp has three common variants: Crystal, Berzerkers, and Sins