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Patch 9.24b Top Comps - Meta Snapshot v4.0 - Last Snapshot Before 10.1
Updated 3 months ago | Posted 3 months ago
New patch, new TFTeacher meta snapshot, you already know! This is a super early meta snapshot for 10.1 to help you hit the ground running. I'll be constantly updating this snapshot as I learn more. Stay tuned and GLHF climbing!
This ad tried to force Sivir and Friends with 4 other players in the lobby and couldn't find a Sivir 2
  • The Husband and Wife (6 Lights + Soulbound) comp is expectedly strong with all the buffs to Light and Senna.
  • 3 star Crystal Predators was decent last patch and is now a lot stronger with the rework to Luden's Echo / Statikk Shiv and buffs to Skarner.
  • Blender is going to fall off hard with the nerfs and the Nocturne bug fix (Nocturne no longer attacks and spins on his third attack). A new Blademaster Sivir comp is on the up and up.
  • Poison Berserkers are still strong.
  • Azir feels strong to play, and by extension comps that use him are strong.
  • There are still many unknowns, like how well 6 Infernos, Lunar, Rangers, or Ocean Inferno Wardens stack up.

[S-TIER] Husband and Wife
  • Stack defensive items (especially GA) on Senna so that she can keep Lucian alive as long as possible
  • Stack offensive items on Lucian so that he can deal as much damage as possible
  • A Ranger (e.g. Varus or Vayne) can hold items for Lucian. Prioritize Lucian items over Kindred to ensure a strong late game
This ad tried to force Sivir and Friends with 4 other players in the lobby and couldn't find a Sivir 2
[S-TIER] Poison Berserkers
  • The strongest start for Berserkers is with Electrics (Volibear and Orn). Consider going Berserkers if you find early Volibears
  • Add in Desert at level 9. Desert significantly increases the DPS of your Berserkers
  • Finding at least 1 Olaf is important for 6 Berserkers in the mid game, and a 2-star Olaf is important for the late game.
  • Having a Berserker Axe (gives the Berserker trait to a unit) makes the comp a lot stronger in the late game (e.g. opens up fitting both Poison and Desert at 8 or Poison and Mystics at 9)
  • I wrote a guide for this comp
[S-TIER] Poison Wardens
  • You can transition to this comp from Ocean Mage Wardens or Shadows, depending on whether you hit Singed 2 and whether you have a Morellos
  • This comp power spikes hard when you get Singed 2, but is weak before that
This ad was a Blender abuser and was ad blocked
[S-TIER] Crystal Poison Predators
  • You want to 3-star Kog'Maw and Skarner. The comp is much easier to run if you find early Kog'Maws and Skarners.
  • Crystal Lux can be played in place of Ashe to get the 4 Crystal buff.
[S/A-TIER] Mystic Blademasters
  • If possible, play whatever you can to stay strong until you're level 7. Roll down for Sivir and Azir at level 7.
  • Runaan's Hurricane is core on Sivir, as it gets her to proc Blademaster more often.
  • The comp's biggest weakness is a mid game frontline. I'm not sure whether it makes more sense to keep a Warden frontline instead of rushing for 4 Blademasters in the mid game.
This ad couldn't find a Yorick 2 and was ad blocked
[S/A-TIER] Electric Summoner Sins
  • Use Voli and Orn for a strong early game with Electric
  • The comp's late game win condition is a Zed 2 with items