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Top Comps - Patch 9.23 First Patch Of Season 2 v2.0
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Ocean Mage Summoners
This comp is very strong but the meta is slowly shifting away from it. Summoners are contested units and the comp loses to assassins unless you high roll. Still, the current rank 1 NA (DeliciousMilkGG) is still able to consistently win with it. At level 9, you can add in mystics by replacing Thresh with a Nami and adding in a Yi / Soraka / Janna. I wrote a guide for this comp.
This ad tried to force Sivir and Friends with 4 other players in the lobby and couldn't find a Sivir 2
Mountain Mage
A variant of the Ocean Mage Summoners comp. This comp powerspikes earlier than Ocean Mage and uses units that relatively less contested. Malphite is a really strong unit with a powerful AOE disruption ultimate. Mountain buff is very strong throughout the early and mid game. In the late game, you need to get lucky with the buff.
2 Shadow Summoners
Rayditzfn really likes running this comp. It's a variant of the Ocean Mage Summoners comp but it drops 2 oceans in favor of 2 Shadows. A key synergy here is Malzahar and Yorick. Yorick can actually summon ghouls from Malzahar's minions. A key item on Malzahar is Spear of Shojin, which enables him to spam the board with his voidlings.
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4 Shadow Summoners
A stepping stone to Ocean Mage Summoners is using Kindred / Varus / Malzahar while waiting for Yorick / Brand / Annie. This middle step can pivot to Ocean Mage Summoners or Shadow Summoners. The latter is slightly weaker late game (unless you high roll Shadow Lux) but requires much less luck to get strong since the units are less contested. Kindred and Malz are your carries here. Try to 3-star them if possible. Zyra can be replaced by Yorick. Yorick synergizes with Malz since he can ult Malz's minions. Alanzq, a top EUW player, loves to run Shadow comps.
Hyperroll Poison Predators Berzerkers
Decent comp, not as strong as Ocean Mage Summoners. You need to have at least a 3-star Kog'Maw. Olaf is the second carry. Only play this comp if you get early Kog'Maws. At level 9, you can add in Master Yi for Shadows. I wrote a guide for this comp.
This ad couldn't find a Yorick 2 and was ad blocked
Hyperroll Poison Predators Crystal
Another variant of the Hyperroll Predators comp. The strength in this comp comes from the extra tankiness from the Crystal synergy (Skarner and Ashe). A Skarner with Ionic Spark / Thornmail / Warmog's can survive for a long time and kill many units with the Predator trait. It's especially strong if you 3-star Skarner. Ashe and Twitch are not highly contested units so this comp might be easier to get online than the Berzerkers variant. I wrote a guide for this comp.
Hyperroll Poison Predators Sins
Another variant of the Hyperroll Predators comp. A 2-star Qiyana is very strong in the mid-game and it should be easy finding Kha'Zix since he's often not contested. I wrote a guide for this comp.
This ad couldn't find a Yorick 2 and was ad blocked
Summoner Sins
Strong comp that uses sins to kill back line threats while summoners hold the frontline. Besides the summoners, many units in this comp are not highly contested (e.g. Azir, Qiyana). This can also be a pivot from the Ocean Mage Summoners comp when you realize that you're not going to get Brand.
BM Sins
Another comp that's been getting top 3's in high level lobbies. Go for this comp when you get early Yasuo's and Qiyanas. This comp gets even stronger on a Cloud or Mountain map by taking advantage of Cloud or Mountain Qiyana.
A popular hyperroll comp where you try to 3-star Renekton and Woodland units. 3-star Renekton with the right items is a beast, and 3-star Woodland units significantly increase the Woodland cloning power. A very strong comp if you're the only player in the lobby eggrolling. Don't destroy your econ while rolling. The comp is strong in the mid game and you often don't need to roll too aggressively.
Hyperroll Lights
Standard Lights hyperroll comp that was popular the previous patch. It's making a comeback now since it's still strong and players rarely play Lights, so you're usually the only one hyperrolling for Lights and it's easy to hit your 3-star units. Yorick is super important in this comp as his ghouls contribute to the Light buffs.